About Henry

Henry is a software engineer and BMW enthusiast in San Diego, CA. He has been the proud owner of a 2008 335xi for 10 years. He is just beginning to make modifications to the car, so check back to see what he's doing!

DIY: The N54 DSC/DTS malfunction

The N54 DSC/DTS Malfunction So you've probably had this warning light come on before, and if you haven't...you will.  It typically will trigger when you're making a turn.  If you're at all a stickler for having a clean dash like I am, it will drive you nuts.  It can also cause your turn signal to [...]

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Prelude to Making a 10-year Old Car Feel New Again

I would first like to take the opportunity to thank Jake and Zach for inviting me to contribute to this community.  I've spent many years perusing through forums when I had some spare time.  I've gained a lot of knowledge in the process, so I'm happy to have a chance to give back to fellow [...]

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