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N54 Tuning Preparation: How to Prep your N54 for 500hp

N54 Tuning Preparation - Maximize Horsepower Gains The N54 is a very strong production motor that is restricted by the low-boost setting of the stock tune. Due to the n54’s capabilities there are no supporting modifications required despite a tunes ability to increase horsepower and torque by nearly 100 over stock. However, there are a [...]

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N54 Tuning Guide for Beginners

N54 Twin-Turbo Tuning (Beginner’s N54 Tuning Guide) This guide is meant to serve as a guide for newcomers to the n54 tuning scene. The n54 twin turbo engine is beginning to capture a large tuning audience, as it is one of BMW’s most capable engines. If you already have experience with bolt-on tuning, visit our [...]

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​Ethanol (E85): Should You Use Ethanol Blends in Your BMW?

Using E85 Ethanol Blends in BMW's: Should You Do It? A quick Google search will reveal that there is no shortage of debates regarding the use of ethanol fuel. However, most articles focus on the sustainability and feasibility of ethanol fuels. Although sustainability is important to consider, the real question is whether or not higher [...]

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