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Jake has been active in the BMW industry and community for years and has a passion for blogging about all things BMW. He currently drives a 2008 BMW 135i and has build plans for 600whp. Follow this blog to keep up to date on his progress!

How to Prevent N54 Chargepipe Failure

How to Prevent N54 Chargepipe Failure Whhhhhhhhh–Pssssshhhhhhhhhh! (that’s my attempt of a spooling turbo followed by the blow-off valve) BMW's boost pressure release system is controlled by a diverter valve instead of a traditional blow off valve. A diverter valve serves the same purpose as a blow off valve, although they function somewhat differently. N54's [...]

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BMW N54 Intercooler Guide – Best N54 Intercooler

The N54 Tuning Guide to Intercoolers (FMIC's) Front mounted intercoolers are extremely important applications on turbocharged cars. Intercoolers cool the compressed air created from the turbochargers, reducing the temperature and increasing the density of the air that is fed into the engine. Cooling the air makes the air more oxygen rich, therefore improving the combustion [...]

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BMW E90 Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement Guide

How To Change your E90 Oil and Oil Filter (DIY) Today we are bringing you a guide on how to change the oil and filter on your E90 BMW. The car in the pictures is a 2006 325i, but the process and general location of oil filter and drain bolt are the same across all [...]

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BMW VANOS Solenoid Replacement DIY – BMW N54 Engine

DIY Vanos Solenoid Replacement Here is our do-it-yourself guide on how to replace your BMW N54 vanos solenoids when they fail (not if). For a quick recap, the vanos system is responsible for opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. Bad solenoids will result in poor performance, rough idling, limp mode, loss of power, [...]

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