BMW N54 Ultimate Data Logging Guide – JB4 Data Logging

N54 Data Logging for BMW 135i, 335i, and 535i We recommend Burger Motorsports JB4 tune not only as an excellent stand-alone tune, but also for its advanced safety, boost control, and data logging. The JB4 works wonders whether you are running the JB4 as a stand-alone tune or coupling it with a back-end flash tune. [...]

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BMW N54 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide

BMW N54 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide While the BMW N54 can push incredible power and torque through the small stock twin turbos, many enthusiasts look to take their N54 to the next level. Upgraded turbos are the forefront of discussion when it comes to unleashing the N54’s full potential. Despite its reputation as a strong [...]

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BMW N54 Intercooler Guide – Best N54 Intercooler

The N54 Tuning Guide to Intercoolers (FMIC's) Front mounted intercoolers are extremely important applications on turbocharged cars. Intercoolers cool the compressed air created from the turbochargers, reducing the temperature and increasing the density of the air that is fed into the engine. Cooling the air makes the air more oxygen rich, therefore improving the combustion [...]

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The 7 Fastest N54’s in the World: 135i, 335i, 535i Horsepower Records

The 7 Fastest N54's in the World: 135i, 335i, 535i Horsepower Records Even 11 years after the N54 engine was originally debuted, horsepower world records are still being set constantly. We have been waiting for the first 900hp N54, and one company claims to have broken this barrier. Today we are bringing you a post [...]

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How-To Build a 500HP 135i, 335i, 535i N54 BMW for Less Than $1,500

Want to Build a 500hp N54? Easy. The BMW N54 engine featured in the 135i, 335i, and 535i is one of the most tune-able engines ever. Some people call it the '2JZ' of German engines, but we think the N54 is on a whole new level. The N54 engine has forged internals, meaning it can [...]

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