DIY Guides for various original equipment replacements as well as aftermarket performance part installs.

DIY: The N54 DSC/DTS malfunction

The N54 DSC/DTS Malfunction So you've probably had this warning light come on before, and if you haven' will.  It typically will trigger when you're making a turn.  If you're at all a stickler for having a clean dash like I am, it will drive you nuts.  It can also cause your turn signal to [...]

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BMW Professional Head Unit Display Failure (E90-E93, E82, E88) – Faded Pixel Display Fixed

BMW Head Unit Pixel Display Failure Today we are covering a common failure with our cars, the head unit display/radio. My 135i is a 2008, and ever since I bought it I had noticed the pixel display on the head unit and radio would fade in and out sometimes. Sometimes it was perfectly fine, other [...]

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BMW N54 Intake Valve Cleaning

BMW N54 Intake Valve Cleaning It is recommended you do this every 40,000-50,000 miles. Installing an OCC (Oil Catch Can) can help prevent some of the carbon build-up, however cleaning is still necessary every ~60,000 miles. Tools Needed: COMING SOON ALONG WITH PHOTOS! Also use: -B12 Chemtool Cleaner (2-3 cans) -Carb/Brake Cleaner (3-5 cans) -Brass [...]

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