BMW N54 “High Power” Spark Plug – Bosch


(1) Bosch “High Power” Spark Plug – Bosch ZGR-6-STE2

Note: This OEM Bosch spark plug is recommended for for most stock turbo N54’s (up to 500hp). NGK spark plugs are recommended for N54’s with over 500hp.



(1) Bosch “High Power” Spark Plug – Bosch ZGR-6-STE2

Tuned N54’s are notorious for burning through spark plugs quickly; it is recommended that you change your spark plugs roughly every 20,000 miles for tuned N54’s (35,000 miles on a completely stock N54). Old spark plugs may cause rough idling as well as misfires.

We highly recommend replacing the spark plugs on your N54 before tuning or adding any aftermarket modifications.

This OEM Bosch N54 spark plug fits the following:

All N54 engines





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